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1024 Tech Services LLC is dedicated to providing all IT needs, full service Web Solutions, specific tailored needs for Nonprofits, and to help with Career Goal! Find out what we can do for you!


Tech Services is where we started out, providing in home services to folks who had a legit need and a desired truth and honesty. We now provide Business to Business Solutions.


As our company grew, we knew we could help small business grow even more by providing a complete web solution service to inspire them in business and grow their web presence, helping them with their true foundation.


1024NP was founded from our foundations of actually working with nonprofits. We found they had a need and sometimes lacked the resources. That’s where we stepped in to help!
It involves concepts of trust, consistency, reliability and fairness. Fairness in doing what is best for all involved and concerned with what is good or right in any social situation. It involves making a moral choice for the good of all parties involve. We believe God is our provider, and doing right by our clients will honor and bring Him glory. We do not feel we need to give you any excuse to make a dollar, we feel obligated to be completely honest and provide a high grade of service to build a relationship with you

– 1024 TS Ethics

We are a team of dedicated learners
and committed strategists.


I am a simple man, who believes that God leads me down a path to help, educate, and promote like minded businesses.
  • Edward Abraham
    Edward AbrahamCEO & Founder

    Indeed & Gravatar
    I’m a professional that lives and breathes the technology industry. I love to promote education in my field, and I’m all about teaching younger and older generations about technology. I tinker with objects, and have been known to be a “hardware hacker”.

Our Philosophy

01 / Providing Exceptional Customer Service

When you have questions about our products, we want to answer them right away. As a participant in one of our 1024 Tech Services support plans, you have access to comprehensive resources so you can resolve issues and answer questions as they arise.

02 / Hiring and Developing Great People to Support You

By establishing a team of satisfied, knowledgeable, and experienced employees, we are able to provide you with an unmatched customer support experience. We equip our technicians with the tools and information they need to better serve you.

03 / Listening to your Feedback to Improve Our Solutions.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Throughout the year, we invite you to participate in our annual and case surveys to let us know what we are doing well and where / how we can improve.

04 / Living Our Values

We believe in living our mission by directly giving back to the community. We achieve that by encouraging our employees to volunteer their time and energies to the nonprofit organization they see fit, or volunteering their time in other ways like reading to grade school students, spending time at retirement homes, and ect.

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